Sharon Dawn is originally a maker of dramatic costume fashion pieces influenced by warriors, Victorian drama, haute couture and various historical cultures art and history. Sharon enjoys creating one-of-a-kind and limited addition accessories, jewellery, clothing, home decor, art and photography. Colour, texture and a variety of materials and mediums are a source of joy to create with a freedom of expression. Along with the passion to create, Sharon appreciates the character of vintage items which you will see hints of in photography and one-of-kind handmade items. Here she will also share a curated gallery of items of hand picked products made by other companies. This gallery shop will be a place to discover a variety of items like a glimpse in a kaleidoscope forever evolving, shifting and changing.

A bit more about Sharon ... 

Sharon Dawn enjoyed all things creative as a child savouring snowy winter days of creativity with her Mom sitting by the kitchen table crafting. At times being drawn in by her Mom and Grandmother to sew some stiches on a quilt. Learning how to make candles, sew, cross stitch and knit were just a few crafts inspiring her to create without boundaries. Inspired by the immediate happiness and sense of satisfaction her mother experienced making items for the home, for the people she loved and being a seamstress.

Sharon Initially studied architectural & mechanical drafting as well as topography at 15 years of age for 3 years with honours every year with the aspirations to become an architect. She changed lanes to study fashion so she could enjoy the quick results of the creation process.

From there she worked for various Toronto fashion designers in small fashion houses while incubating her ideas and dreams on pursuing a design business allowing for complete freedom to experiment with materials and mediums at a whim. Fashion show production highlighting her designs and others independent Canadian designers as well as marketing & promotion of related events was one area she was also involved in.

With an interest in history and the sentimentality of antiques, Sharon worked as a vintage picker selling clothing to clients in Australia, England, Canada and Japan. After she moved on to other opportunities she always appreciated the treasure hunt finding vintage gems to add to her slowly developing private collection.

While developing her business and focusing on building skills, she designed prom dresses, a wedding dress and costumes. She created a few lines of clothing and created one-of-a-kind and limited edition clothing. She also provided designs for musicians, a modern dancer and photographers which made their debut on Much Music, CBC and for a dance performance with the Vancouver Symphony.

Developing an interest in marketing and promotion led to various opportunities including being a host and dj promoting various musicians such as Herbie Hancock, Korn, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Nsync as well as hosting autograph sessions.

Her experiences are a woven tapestry in a variety of fields including clothing retail, store and business management, music retail, marketing and promotions. As a Marketing Director on a board of directors for an artist collective and art school she expanded her range reaching out to a community to broaden the appreciation of this historical art center. Outside of fashion design she studied jewellery techniques and small business. She also managed teams of research analysts and large projects for high profile clients in technology. financial and other sectors. These experiences helped her reach for her aspirations of creating and seeking items which connect to the heart, mind and soul while nurturing the development of her artistry and interest in developing her own unique vision.